Our Vision

“We strive to create the best software solution in the digital world so that online businesses effortlessly develop in the right direction with data-driven and customer-centric approaches.”

Our Mission

“To become the world leading company which helps online businesses to grow Immensely in terms of customer relationships and revenue growth based on analyzing customer requests, structuring data-driven roadmaps and showcasing the results.”

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Our Mission for the next decade

5m: New Customers for online businesses: Beupify will support online businesses and provide them with new opportunities to attract buyers with customer-centric marketing solutions and data-driven approaches.

100m: Customer retention rate improvement for online businesses: Beupify is the right place for advanced data analytics and customer retention rate due to its business development and marketing solutions. We believe that customer requests followed by the right actions would create a safe ground for loyalty between the brand and its users.

$500k on average annual revenue for online businesses: All the above-mentioned features are valuable for businesses in terms of developing organizational culture and a more customer-oriented approach, they increase the company’s revenue ensuring a new level of financial sustainability.

100 team members working in Beupify living values: Our biggest asset is our team! We do believe that our pinnacle would be having a collective team and surrounding us with people who strive for the same vision and mission and incorporate our core values in their daily lives.

$100m annual revenue in Beupify: We believe that our team and our customers are the core of everything. We’ll do our best to reach the best possible results which will also bring us great financial achievements in order to strive for more.

We realize that our dreams are quite big and may seem impossible for some, but one thing we know for sure is that we do our best to live our dreams.

“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.” ~ James Dean

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Our Values

Limitless Growth: We value growth in every context without any limits! In Beupify we strive for personal and professional development for each and every team member. This ensures that we constantly grow as a business and help our customers to facilitate customer acquisition processes, improve customer retention rates, implement successful marketing solutions, and gain financial sustainability.

Mutual Trust: Teamwork is our key strength and while growing both individually and by the team, we also highlight mutual trust and respect, since we all have different experiences and stories behind us.

Innovator’s DNA: Whatever we sign in to, we always do our best and take responsibility to fulfill the clients’ needs, but we never forget about the innovator’s DNA which is to be seen in everyone! We always look at the problems from different angles and make sure to bring innovative solutions.

Enjoying Moments: As we are responsible and disciplined professionals, we care deeply for the quality of our work, however, we equally value happiness and try to enjoy every moment of our daily and work life. We enjoy everything we do because we have profound reasons behind our project and a clear vision for the future.

Our CEO Message

“In the end let’s live our dreams
and be better than yesterday”

Boris Atayan

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